If you’re having your dream wedding at Mexico, then it’s only right that you also hire a Mexico wedding photographer. They know the most gorgeous places by heart, also it won’t be their first time facilitating a wedding photo shoot at the said area; they know the best time to have a photo shoot, great lighting and possible hidden areas that are even more stunning.

For all those who want to perfectly catch all the once in a lifetime moments, we highly suggest that you hire these professionals no matter how pricey their fees are; once you get a glimpse of the final photographs you’d see that it would be all worth it. You can’t just leave it to your friend with a camera, tons of regrets will come from that decision especially when you look at the pictures years after the wedding.


Elizabeth Medina

Elizabeth Medina is an amazing wedding photographer who also established a photography studio under her name. She is a native of Michigan but has long since lived in Mexico. They aim to pride creative and top quality images that you’re sure to love. On the day of your wedding, she’s sure to be close by, silently capturing all the important moments for you to enjoy looking back at for the years to come.

When you visit here website, you’ll be surprised at the sheer amount of locations that they do wedding photography at. Of course you can also have a peek at all the weddings they have recently been hired to; we suggest that you look closely at their styles and techniques in order to make sure that they’re the one for you.


As for the categories of their photo shoots, you can see that they do the actual day of the wedding where the most lovable moments happen. Meanwhile, the pre nuptial shoots can be traditional, portrait and trash the dress. Of course you can see her samples on each category, and if we could give our opinion we’d say that you should try their ‘trash the dress.’ You can see for yourself and magical each of the shots are; there’s even an underwater photo shoot which looks like a fairy tale come true. If you’re still having second thoughts then you can always visit the testimonials on the page or look for their reviews online, although almost everything that you’ll read are positive anyway.

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