Have you been sitting without a job because you didn’t like your previous one? Or do you want a temporary job as an experience, like an internship sort of thing? Well you definitely need to consider the data entry jobs that mostly don’t require any experience and education and comparatively have a high pay. And guess what? Some of these jobs have an option of working from home so that you can flexible with your timing and you don’t need to waste time and money on travelling. These data entry work from home jobs require you to have an internet connection and a computer at home.


Well many of these jobs ask for experience as they don’t want to go through the process of training the staff again as that costs time and money but you don’t need to be tensed if you don’t have any prior experience because all these jobs expect you to do is just enter data and convert it into the data analytics software that is installed on the computer. You could attend online courses for these or even attend classes, to make sure that you will bag the job. Other than this all you need is a high school pass certificate as you require language and basic math skills. Work on your typing speed as this job is all about typing and if you can’t type very fast then you won’t be able to finish the project on time.



Well sometimes interviews can be tricky and should create a good resume where your name, address and contact details should be clearly visible on the top of the page so that the employers can contact you with no issues if they like your resume. Mention all your qualities in the interview and make it sure that they know that you are willing to give it your best and want to work your ass off at this job.  Focus on words like team spirit, dedication and goals to make a mark on your future employers.

These jobs pay around $20,000 to $35,000 a year and there is not really much room for growth to be honest. You will find the availability of these jobs in the classifieds section of the paper or else you could go to a company that will help you in getting hired. The work from home ones is hard to get as they are so hassle free and therefore have a very high demand.


Beware, as many of these job opportunities are scams and you should look out for certain signs to realize if they are scams or not. Look out for bad English and fast replies and if the company wants to hold the interview over a voice call then these are most probably fake companies.

As I mentioned there isn’t any opportunity for growth and this job should be taken as a stepping stone in your career. Still if you want to reach a high position someday then prefer staying close to your boss and finishing your work before time so that when the opportunity opens you maybe hired in a bigger position someday, for example project leader.

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