Purchasing a good hamster cage can really trouble you because all the cages would be falling short of one thing or the other. Be it colour, be it space, be it price, your search will make you go bananas. So we bring to you the top three hamster cages on the rage which are not only cheap hamster cages but also come in attractive designs and colour.

Best hamster cages   

Hamster Cage with three storeys, tubes and lazy bones:

This vibrant and colourful hamster cage along with the adorable lazy bones brings thrill and fun into the hamster’s life. The cage has three stories and is apt for keeping small animals like mice, small rats, small gerbils and dwarf hamsters. The best thing about this hamster cage is that it is made of washable and lasting plastic which makes it easy for you to clean.   All the three stories are enmeshed with flexible wire bars and doors that make it easy for you to access your pets. Your hamster is in continuous entertainment because of the wheels and tunnels in between the stages. A water bottle and a food bowl are also given so there is no requirement to buy other products separately. The cost of hamster is also not high and it is one of the less costly hamster cages available.


Rosewood Pico Hamster cage:

The construction of this cage has been done with top quality wire parts and plastics. The cage looks amazing with the combination of its attractive colours modern designs. A peculiar loft den is provided that which makes it easier for you and your pet to interact hassle free. Some other amazing features of the cage are secure closures, twin doors, solid wheel, appropriately sized food dish and a drop in the water bottle. The cage is also available in beautiful pink and purple colour combinations. The other benefit that appends this cage is that it is fifty percent larger which means more and more place for different levels and ladders to keep your pets entertained.

Habau 1347 rodent house:


The Habau 1347 Rodent House is a combination of creative and funky designs and is highly functional. It is constructed with an incredibly different and robust manner. It is made of fully untreated pine which ensures that your rodent does not come in contact with any impurity in its shelter. The cage is also provided with a door, which makes it easy for you to access your pet and this also enables easy clean up because of the hinged lid. A number of stairs, retreats and see saws are also provided to give plenty of fun to the rodents. A ceramic feeding tray is also provided with the cage.

Little Friends Grosvenor Rat and Hamster Cage:

This cage is suitable for rats, hamsters, chinchillas and other small sized rodents. This cage is provided with a wooden shelf and a ladder. It also includes a bowl, a house and wheel. The spacing between the narrow bar of the cage is one cm. This cage is nice and is available at an affordable price.

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