We all have that one friend who always has dates, it’s like other people fling themselves towards him or her. Of course dating is not really a priority in our lives, but it’s fun to go on dates once in a while and just meet new people. But it can be quite difficult thanks to our busy schedule and hectic lives. We can’t even squeeze in a proper get together with our friends, what more to invest time in looking our very best for a confidence boost in front of someone we know almost nothing about. That’s why people resort to dating apps and chats to find a date, why not try it for yourself?



Not really that shocking since Tinder is famous worldwide. In order to officially set up an account, you will also need a Facebook account and you need to be over 18. When you have successfully signed up, you can create a profile containing a bio made up of 500 characters and a maximum of six photos.


When you want to start looking for a potential match, Tinder app will show you a photo, age and name. Users can also tap on the image if they want to view any more additional information regarding a potential match. You will basically have to swipe to the right if you like them and to the left if you want to pass. There’s also what we call the ‘super likes’ which are limited and only used to notify some that you really do like them. If you swiped right and that person also swiped right to your profile a window will pop up. The said window means that you matched and it invites both you and your match to send a message; but most users do nothing but swipe here and there, never chatting.

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