Tetrahydrocannbinol is pretty debatable topic. There has been a lot of issues on this topic specially when it comes to the legalization of weed. This is the most important part of weed and it gets attached to your your neurons to your brain. This makes the transportation of impulses slow and instead makes you feel high but the question is that is this Tetrahydrocannbinol good for you or not? Well till date the studies done on marijuana have been limited to medical marijuana as recreational marijuana was banned until recently when it was legalized in certain states of America like Washington.



THC is the chemical compound found in cannabis plants and the highest THC count is found in the buds of the cannabis indica plants and is responsible for making people feel ‘stoned’ after they smoke or consume cannabis is any form. The THC in the plant acts as a depressant and makes you feel more mellow. Your brain will not be able to do many calculations but will become more psychoactive. You will be able to bring out the artistic side in you more.

Studies are still going on about THC. THC has been proven to be a pain reliever and help against anxiety attacks to calm down people. On the other hand THC has also triggered anxiety attacks in certain people. Many people who have suffered from asthma and slow speech have been benefitted from the use of THC. THC has still triggered suicidal tendencies in people.


Having an overdose of THC is literally impossible though it was found that smoking cannabis can increase the rates of heart attacks. THC has varying effects on people depending on a person’s mindset and we need to judge it according to ourselves rather that basing our judgement on various studies. If you are smoking cannabis then always keep it to a limit.

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