Latvia is one of the three Baltic States and Latvian is still one of the only Baltic languages. With a huge and beautiful shoreline, dense forests and extensive history, you will definitely find a lot of reasons to visit this country that still hasn’t been crowded by tourists. There is a huge number of Russians in the country as they were ruled by the Soviets during a time period. With the help of Wanderlust15 we have made a list of places that you should be visiting when you travel to Latvia.


You can go for bird watching on the coasts of Latvia in places like Pape and Cape Kolka. This is a favorite spot for migratory birds and sea birds like songbirds and raptors. The Cape of Kolka is also a breath taking spot as this where the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga clash together. The local operators will take you on guided tours for bird watching.

The Basilica of Aglona is the place of pilgrimage for Catholics from around the world and you should still visit this place even if you are a non believer. The most eccentric atmosphere is when the Feast of Assumption is held on the 15th of August when worshippers from around the world flock to this place.

You definitely need to visit one of Latvia’s oldest towns which is Cesis to see how their buildings were made of wood and the attractive churches. You can even taste the local beer which has been brewed for the last 5 centuries.

You need to visit the open air museum just outside the capital called Ethnographic Open Air Museum of Latvia. It has preserved windmills, taverns and homesteads from across Latvia and masters of 18 different crafts showcase their craftsmanship at this museum. beach-vacation-water-summer

The Daugavpils Mark Rathko Centre was made in the honor of the great abstract expressionist painter, Marko Rothko and is multifunctional arts, culture and education institute.

You can travel o a cable car from Sigulda to Krimulda and enjoy the serene beauty of the surroundings and you can also try out bungee jumping which is done about 42 kms above the Gauja River George. Krimulda also has a castle in its ruins.images_qtbn_and9gctnhzswes-9rjqyjampjakcde3ap-3vpvku7pynkiuezltf9doquq

The Freedom Monument stands 35 metres tall in the middle on the capital city of Riga and it symbolizes the hardships faced by the Latvian citizens and nationhood.

You could go hiking in Gauja National Park and it is a relatively easy hike. It is the country’s largest national park around the river Gauja. The flora and fauna in the park is rich and you can follow the longest trail of 5 kms along the river Ligatne to see some wild life species native to the country.

You could stay in Latgale or in the land of blue lakes. There are many accommodations just beside the lake so that you can go for a swim or most accommodations have their own saunas.

You could attend the Latvian Song and Dance festival which on the list of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage. This is a cultural event of Latvia and Estonia and is held every five years; the next one is scheduled to be held during June, 2018.

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