House music originated from Chicago during the early 1980s. It is a form of electronic dance music that was created and developed by dance club disk jockeys. It is the mix of the use of the bass drum loops, electronic synthesizer, drums, effects, pop, and vocals. This form of music became very popular and many DJs started making remixes of the many house music.


A music remix is a type of altering a piece of music through adding, removing, or changing parts of the songs. It could also be a combination of many songs. After the process of editing and combining, these remixes can then become a new song. There are two ways on how to create a remix. The first one is to create a new mix from scratch. The second one is to substitute existing loops from an existing song to the music. This is what we call a mashup.  005_maxresdefault

How to Create a Remix

If you want to do a remix then you have to follow three main steps. The first step is to select the song that can be remixed. After your selection, you then have to start extracting the vocals from the song and polishing so that it can work well with the music. You can cut it up into individual phrases or you can record a whole new set of vocals.003_maxresdefault

The second step is to create the music-bed. This the portion where you can build new beats and instrumentals or make use of existing loops from existing music.004_maxresdefault

The last step is the arranging and polishing the new song. You can now arrange and combine the music-bed and the vocals in a way that you would like. After this step then a whole new song is then born.

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