A honey badger might not be the most famous in the animal kingdom but it has had a good run in the limelight of the online world. Whether it may be in form of a funny video, a witty meme or a crazy expression, the honey badger has made its mark. But what is the honey badger famous for in the online world?


According to the Urban Dictionary, describing someone as a honey badger means they are fearless and feisty; he stole the phone and when he was caught he even acted offended, what a honey badger! A honey badger is considered as the Chuck Norris of the animal kingdom, meaning that a honey badger doesn’t take any offenses from other animals regardless of the size or strength of the enemy. Of course being fearless or feisty is not the only characteristics that describe a honey badger; the word honey badger is associated with fearsome, extreme, severe, scary and unconcerned.

Internet Meme

Just to be clear, a meme is typically a picture that conveys a certain expression or idea which are mostly entertaining or informative. The sensational honey badger meme has two versions, the one that shows a feisty honey badger and the one where a honey badger sits down with its front paws crossed. Either memes express events and ideas where something extreme or concerning happens but the person simply does not care. The ones that we typically see say ‘honey badgers don’t care that it’s your birthday’, ‘honey badgers, they take everything they want’ and ‘honey badgers just don’t care.’

Entertaining Videos

The honey badger became a viral video that featured a simple nature documentary, but what made it different was the voiceover narration by someone named Randall. The video gained popularity thanks to the sassy remarks and commentary alongside the personification of mammals that were simply irrelevant.

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