Moving from one home to another is not the easiest task in the world, plus the time spent in planning the move and the actual move itself is not joke. So even your plan for moving don’t involve the next two years, you can actually start planning for executive condominiums like the Hundred Palms Residences. It’s not full yet because it’s still currently under development but a lot of people have set their eyes for a unit at Hundred Palms. Don’t miss the chance to book for their showrooms or receive notifications once price lists are available.

Hundred Palms Residences

In terms of the location, Hundred Palms is incredibly strategic; Hundred Palms is situated along the Yio Chu Kang Road in District 28. A handful of schools are located near the area including the prestigious Rosyth School. Shopping for groceries, clothes, gadgets and everything in between is can be done at the nearby malls and shops like the Hougang 1; shops can be less than a five minute walk away. The transportation to and from Hundred Palms can be a breeze; Hougang MRT and Sernagon MRT are in close proximity.

Since the showroom may be either unavailable or going there might be inconvenient, we’ll give you an idea of the offered units. Hundred Palms offers 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, 4 premium and 5 bedroom for the families. Every room will have a view, but a unit with a considerably better view will cost more; a room with a view of the swimming pool is a bit more expensive compared to the room facing other buildings. All in all there will be 560 units available for interested clients; the units are spread out in 9 blocks and 15 storeys. In addition to the view, the rooms implement smart living with the help of smart devices and the smart apps.

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