Headsets are one of the best accessories available for Xbox 360. We can go on hours and hours talking about the merits of having a good pair of gaming headsets. As it is important to have a good pair of headsets to completely enjoy playing the Xbox 360, here is the list of the best headsets for Xbox 360 which are called the must-haves:

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP seven

They cost $280 and they have a black and white construction. Soft leather is used for ear cups and you will find a rigid band made from leather. The 50 mm drivers used in the headset produces clear and natural tone. You can customize the sounds too through the programmable DSP. A problem with these headsets is that they don’t come with the wireless option.

Turtle Beach Ear Fore X12

If you are looking for a relatively cheaper option in gaming headsets, these are meant for you. They just cost $60. They also have 50 mm speakers and a built-in amplifier that is customizable. The headsets are made from stiff plastic and they come with an additional microphone monitor to hear yourself in the microphone.

Astro Gaming A40

They cost $250 and they are awesome. The design makes them flexible and lightweight. There is a comfortable over the ear cushion, swappable mic, inline controls and a cable system. These headsets are wireless and you can customize them too.

Razer Carcharias

These headsets are worth $70.  It is a sleek and all black headset with foam lined ear cups and headband. You can bend it up to 270 degrees. It has a 10 feet cable, inline controls and two 40 mm stereo drivers. That means the sound is going to be enjoyable.

The final purchase decision about these headsets depends on you. It’s recommended to explore all their features well before buying any.

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