Individuals have higher chances of coming into contact with the bankruptcy courts, according to several statistics. Every year, tons of individuals file a Chapter 13 repayment plan case or a Chapter 7 straight bankruptcy. Most of them select an attorney to help them through the procedure and to make sure that they will benefit and will not suffer any pitfalls. Here are several tips if you do not know how to select a bankruptcy lawyer San Diego.

Do You Really Need an Attorney?

This is a question that most bankruptcy attorneys get asked most of the time. How could you hire a bankruptcy attorney if you don’t even have money? Well, it is true that a lot of individuals wait until they got no more money to contact an attorney. However, there are tactics that could take some pain of paying for a lawyer.

Where to Find an Attorney

There are a lot of lawyers out there looking for a chance to offer their services to you. They stare at you down from billboards scattered all over your city and they talk to your favorite TV show during afternoon series. However, it is difficult to know whether you must go with someone whose contact number you have memorized from his ads, or whether you must do intensive research to find a lawyer who may provide you more personalized help. of Hiring an Attorney

Should you hire a lawyer base on how much he/she charges? That is the question here. Well, this is the main concern of most people.

When you file a bankruptcy case, you would have 3 separate expenses.

  • Court Filing Fee – $315 for Chapter 13 and $330 for Chapter 7
  • Credit Counseling Fee – typically, the cost runs around $25 and $50.
  • Lawyer’s Fee – A flat fee of around $1,900 up to $2,400 for chapter 7 and $3,400 for chapter 13.
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