With the advancement of modern technology come more convenient ways for us to do traditional things. This includes watching of movies. If you are looking for ways in order to take convenience up a notch, by bringing the movie theatre into your own home, then the best option for you would be to log on to a site that offers free streaming of films like 123movies, where both the latest and classic movies can be viewed without a cost. There are a lot of movie streaming sites you can get online, and this is an indicator of its popularity. Here’s a deeper look at the Pros and Cons of this way of enjoying movies.

They Cost Nothing

Unlike the movie theatre where you would have to pay a certain amount, the good thing about movie streaming sites is that they’re either free, or require you only a very little amount to gain access to. There are a lot of sites that offer movie streaming services, most of them are easily accessible, and offer high-quality movies in terms of its resolution.

Movies are not that new

One of the disadvantages associated with movie streaming sites is that they movies can be dated at times, as some of them will have to wait on the release outside of the cinema just so that they are able to have the said movie on their own site. This process can take several months to begin, and hence the thrill of watching a new movie may be gone the moment you begin watching.

Environment may not be Conducive

Unlike cinemas where the environment itself is designed for watching films, in the case of homes, you would definitely have to compromise a bit, and sometimes have a hard time or have to wait until the late night for you to be able to watch comfortably.

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