Online streaming is posing a threat to the traditional TV broadcasting. Statistics show that 55 percent of people spent 2 hours per week watching videos online, while 11 percent people spent more than 10 hours per week. Amazon rapid, Netflix are online streaming services that allow you to stream movies online after paying them monthly. But putlocker is one such online index service that helps you watch your favourite movies, dramas, series for free. It was first originated in the UK in the year 2011.

Putlockers new site is named as It is the best 2018 website for streaming movies online. With this putlockers new site,you can watch your favourite TV series or movies without having to register and for free. The best part about putlockers is that you can filter the movies from the TV series and can search for movies in a yearly format. Now the question arises whether this free streaming service legal? Now the answer to this question entirely depends on which country you live in and what you do on the site. Putlockers was reported as a piracy threat by MPAA. For the Euporean residents, putlocker is considered to be illegal whereas in Canada putlocker is legal. In the US, streaming pirated stuff is taken to be illegal. VPN is the best way to secure yourself, hide your online identity and make sure that no one knows what is being streamed by you.

Is putlocker site safe? Researches have show that about 79 percent of people who visit putlocker regularly think that it is safe and trustworthy. While 73 percent users found it safe for children to use. At times, putlocker can present some security issues and one must be aware of them. Total safety cannot be given by putlocker as it doesn’t host the content that is being watched by the users. While streaming a film, it is possible that temporary files could be downloaded and hence it is possible for malicious and damaging content to be transmitted as well. Putlocker might not be a 100 percent perfect site but with certain precautions it can be a pretty good site to use.

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