‘Health is Wealth’, this might be a simple proverb but has a lot of meaning and significance. To cope up with the speed of this developing era, we have been neglecting our health. Green tea is the best option to keep us healthy without having to invest much of our times. Due to the increase in demand of green tea, there are many brands that are being manufactured in market. So it becomes difficult to choose a trustworthy brand. is a company which has been supplying the best type of Japanese Ashitaba tea.

‘Kenko’ which itself means health in Japanese produces Matcha green tea powder as well. The leaves for this tea are carefully chosen, grinded and sealed in airtight packages. Matcha green tea is very safe, pure and it tested for any heavy metals or radiations. This Matcha tea is 100 percent natural, free from caffeine and raw. No harmful pesticides are used during production of this tea. This tea has many positive effects on our body and health. It increases metabolism, controls weight, increases performance and state of mind. It can be also added to smoothies, lattes, cakes, chocolates and icecreams. Due to its superior quality, this product might be a little pricey.

The other brand of tea produced by the Kenko company is the Ashitaba tea. This tea is made from ashitaba plant and is full of miraculous benefits. This tea is full of antioxidants and helps to boost our immune systems. It protects our hearts, lowers cancer risks, reduces weight, balances hormone levels and so on. This tea is not recommended during pregnancy and while breast feeding. This tea powder can be bought depending on your taste i.e. black or green. This tea is made by traditional low heat processing methods. Since it is 100 percent natural, it has no ill effects on health unless prescribed by the doctor. Adding these two beverages to your regular meals will improve your health issues. Eat healthy, stay healthy.

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