When we think of smooth spotless skin on super models or the tender, glowing skin on our favorite celebrities, we usually think of beauty products such as cream and masks. These are usually required for a healthy skin; however, the one treatment no one talks about is dermaplaning. So what is dermaplaning anyway and why is it so important?

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment which is usually performed to renew and rejuvenate the epidermis, removing dead skin cells, debris, vellus hair, pigmentations, and other impurities that hinder the smoothness and glow of the skin. It is performed by well trained professionals who have undergone the necessary Dermaplaning training course and are well qualified to perform this procedure.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

  • A complete removal and exfoliation of dead skin, soft facial hair, oil traps, and dark pigmentations
  • Reduces the occurrence of acne
  • Makes your skin supple and softer
  • It is applied as an anti aging treatment as it improves the production of collagen which improves skin texture.
  • It provides instant results after treatment with no downtime
  • It enhances the penetration of other beauty cosmetics in the skin to speed-up results.

A lot of estheticians are including dermaplaning to their list of beauty services as this is a most important part of beauty and cosmetology.

The process of dermaplaning

This treatment includes the following procedures

  • Prepping the skin with a cleanser which may contain hydroxyl acids to first lay the foundation for a smooth exfoliation
  • Allow skin to dry before procedure as wet skin may lead to little cuts
  • Using a sterile scalpel at an angle of 45 degrees slowly abrade the epidermis with short movements. It should be noted that this procedure is absolutely dangerous in inexperienced hands.
  • After this procedure, apply a moisturizer

This procedure can be repeated after every 2 weeks.

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