Gone are the days when our moms used to tell us that playing video games will not provide a bright future for us. In the recent years, the gaming industry has been growing at an exponential rate. The industry has generated around just shy of $138 billion the past year, and is expected to grow more this year. There’s no denying that gaming is one of the rapidly growing industry right now, and all for the right reasons.

  1. The rise of mobile gaming.

With the advancement of mobile technology, it’s now easier than ever to get access to a plethora of games through our smartphones. In 2018, mobile games accounted for more than 50% of the Global games market. Game developers has also started to tap the mobile gaming industry, making mobile versions of their best-selling games.

  1. Better game designs, better graphics, better games.

We have seen a tremendous growth in game design and graphics in the last few years. A number of games, such as Fortnite and DoTA 2, have seen worldwide success in terms of number of patrons and in-game revenues, all thanks to their creative game design. Visually appealing graphics also makes it more endearing to players, and advances in graphics technology has made it possible for games to become more cinematic and immersive.

  1. Online gaming and streaming era.

The success of video games reaching millions of gamers worldwide is due in part to famous video game players streaming their situs togel online content in platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. According to SuperData, more people watch game streams than Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and ESPN viewership combined. This also opens up marketing, advertisement and sponsorship opportunities for companies, take popular Fortnite streamer Ninja’s endorsement of Red Bull for example.

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