As images come in many sizes and shapes, they also possess particular strengths and weaknesses in every format. We are going to show first the strong and weak points of two common formats – PNG and PDF.


This image format is customized for graphics such as graphs, logos, and text. It is the internet’s most commonly used uncompressed raster image format.Initially, it was created to replace Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). This file format has no limitation in come of copyrights. With PNG, you can easily save a photo and the quality is much better than JPEG. PNG files are not meant to reduce the size of the file in order to retain more image details and information. This image format was essentially designed to transfer images on the internet. It also enables you to easily put designs and illustrations in the background as the images is completely transparent. Images in this format are optimal for web graphics particularly logos, illustrations, and graphs.


This kind of format is considered to be the industry standard in sharing documents because of the reason that it duplicates anything including images, creating an exact copy of the file. They are beneficial for emailing and storing screenshots and other images in combination with word processing or photography documents. One of the main attribute of PDF image is reliability as PDF files serves you a copy of the image wherein it really look the same from the original photograph or design. Images in this format are ideal for printing.


As PNG files are used primarily for images of high quality, graphic designers usually used this kind of file format in creating or editing image files. Most computers and mobile devices are unable to read PNG files easily which results for the files to be rarely transferred to receivers outside the design world. As users are looking to convert PNG to PDF to share it to others, the conversion that will take happen must retain the original quality of the PNG image.

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