Plagiarism is extremely unacceptable and prohibited by law. But there are still some cases where people are unaware that they are committing this illegal activity in small ways. There are also materials and documents that are being reproduced without the consent of the original creator but still are not considered or being taken consideration as they may bring advantages to the original producer. One of this is user manual. Yes, user manuals have copyright protection.

Works of Authorship

User manuals are considered works of authorship, hence they should be protected from any unauthorized reproduction and plagiarism. In general, copying excerpt of manuals is already considered an illegal reproduction. For instance, Samsung manuals should only be copied and reproduced by the legal or authorized parties of Samsung.

User manuals are original

Generally, everything that is original is considered an asset or ownership of the creator. Thus, since user manuals are created and designed for business purposes, they should also be copyright protected. However, there are some manufacturers that do not give much attention to their manuals being distributed without their permission as they also benefit from free advertising.

Published to the Public

User manuals are designed to help customers understand a particular product. Thus the main goal of companies in producing these materials is to provide customers the information needed to fully understand the product – allowing businesses to satisfy customers. That said, user manuals are copyright protected by a particular company who originally produced them.

Nowadays, it is an imperative for businesses to protect their properties from any possible illegal reproduction of it. Plagiarism is an illegal activity that is widely prevailing in some cases. You should take into consideration to make sure that your user manuals are copyright protected. This only not help your business to satisfy your customers but also allow you to have full ownership and legal right over such materials.

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