For most of us, dating has always been a terrible and unpredictable predicament that leads to most of us having an awful experience. But with today’s more “modern” approach on dating, like using dating sites and such, makes this scene even worse than before.

Sure, dating is a surefire way to have a horrific and stressing time. We have listed here the typical “worst” things that dating have been. 

The Common Ones

We got here some everyday things most people do that makes dating pretty horrible:

Building a relationship through indirect means, like through text and messaging apps, which takes off the “personal” part of dating build-up.

Who devised those so-called “stages” before a relationship? Most people find it weird and confusing, yet they still comply with it.

The “friends with benefits” code – Dude, we are looking for a great person to have a great relationship here, not something to complete your sexual desires before a relationship.

Relying on your social media status to show that you’re both officially dating – Please don’t do this. Dating is something on a personal level and is not decided by your Facebook status.

The Other Issues

Yep, there are other things too that makes dating today even worse, like:

The fear of asking out somebody for a date due to fear of looking desperate for a relationship.

Awkwardness, especially on how to wrap up a date, for sometimes both parties have different expectations and are too awkward to voice it out.

Dating frequently with different people. Kissing a lot of frogs does not lead you to your prince charming, and don’t be like that.

Dating has become more unpredictable and stressful due to the misconceptions, and anxiety one feels about it. It happens a lot of times and sometimes may end up a date with a bad taste in the mouth.


The dating scene did indeed change, but people never do. May you be sending love SMS for girlfriend or is dating someone else, always expect the unpredictable factors to play out.

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