GM Worker Worries About Co-Workers and Layoffs

Growing up in northeastern Ohio has always had its ups and downs. Our reputation may not be the best in the nation, but it’s always been a great place to raise a child, and an even better place to find a job that pays well for hard work and initiative. At least, it used to be, up until recently.

I was lucky enough to land myself a job at the Lordstown, Ohio, General Motors Plant after I finished my education. My first day at the human resources office was what it was (benefits, unions, contracts and such). Once I settled in, I loved my job. I had the opportunity to work face to face with the real people that got the job done. Throughout my 6 years at GM I was responsible for keeping a constant line of communication open between management and our union leaders. Despite what a lot of rumors have told, both parties get along very well. There were bad days, of course, but I made lasting friendships hearing the stories of the men and women who have worked for this company since they came into this area. To them, this was their golden ticket. While they worked hard, they knew their families were guaranteed a comfortable living. Retirement benefits at General Motors were everything they dreamed of. Alas, those were the good old days. No worries will be made available to the employees with the services of hr system singapore. Along with the males, females will operate the system without any difficulty and problem.

As of late, I not only have to worry about the security of my job, but of the thousands of cases I am inundated with on a daily basis concerning the people I have met and truly enjoy. Keep in mind that our unions can only do so much. GM recently cut its third shift which cost 900 workers their jobs. Simply put, this Utopia has run out fuel. Our education programs have been slashed, so chances of a promotion are nil. Assembly workers are being laid off at an amazing rate, raising not only quotas but also the stress levels of the people lucky enough to retain their jobs. Even in my white collar building, I’ve had to say goodbye to people that I’ve been trained with.

Simply put, I hate going into work every day. I always wonder what I need to face that day. Who’s been laid off? Who’s been fired? Could today be my last day? The job market in our areas is almost non-existent. Personally if lose my job I think I will be forced to leave the area looking for employment. June 1st is homing in like a private jet full of executives, ready to destroy everything in its path. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to hide any more for this corporate giant. Should GM miss their June 1st deadline to reach an agreement with their bondholders, then bankruptcy will be inevitable. They say there is no rest for the weary, but please, heed my words… Take each day you have as a gift. It just may be your last.

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