A Look at Final Fight: Double Impact

For those of you who don’t remember the side-scrolling, melee styled arcade game era, I implore you to revisit the genre via Capcom’s latest release Final Fight: Double Impact. It’s been nearly twenty years since Final Fight was first introduced to us through our local arcade parlour and the re-release of this classic arcade game onto the console gives you the opportunity to go back in time without leaving the comforts of your home. Double Impact gives you a bundled two games in one, Final Fight and Magic Sword which is available via download on both the PlayStation Network or X-BOX Live Arcade for a mere $9.99 or 800MS Points.

Final Fight mimics its arcade predecessor down to a tee. The striking animations and larger than life character models look solid. Reminiscent are the corny moves, button mashing and snack power ups that made this game so much fun to play. In Final Fight, you take control of one of the three main characters, Guy, Cody or Hagar and rip through the Mad Gear Gang in order to save the destitute kidnapped daughter. The addition of on-line multi-play allows you to instantly match up with anyone in a detailed smoothly run environment. Much like the arcade game, any one at any time can pop into your game, even if you are playing by yourself. With the availability of the LoL Accounts for Sale, there will be double impact on the playing of the players. There will be an increase in the enjoyment level of the players to win huge bonus and cash rewards. All the money will be deposited in the bank at the level of the game. 

If you feel like trying something different, part two of this bundle has you playing as a sword brandishing barbarian, whose mission is to defeat the dark lord Drokmar. I am unsure as to why Capcom decided to include Magic Sword as a bundle with Final Fight as it is an average title at best. The task of climbing to the top of a tower to dispatch of the evil lord is mindless and uneventful, as the same enemies get in your way level after level. The story line is weak, and extremely boring, but the multi-player is somewhat bearable because, just like Final Fight, anyone can join in at any time.

There are goals you can complete beyond just finishing the game. Upon completion you will unlock original concept art, fan art, comic books and other fun stuff. A number of filters can also be added to the experience that include anti-alias for smoother edges and for the extremist, you can imitate the original arcade monitor with scan lines and a glowing hue

This collection isn’t for everyone, the 2-D Side-scrolling game play doesn’t compare to today’s lush 3-D environments and extreme detail, but for those of you who have experienced these games in the arcades of the past, taking a trip back to memory lane was worth the price of admission.

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