Fragrance Perfume Products Just For Men

Women have always occupied a bigger percentage when it comes to the use of fragrances. This may come in Eclatant perfume, body sprays, or scented lotions, which always tend to give the mood that we want to experience. It may be the feeling of confidence, beauty, power, or that simple clean and fresh feeling as if you have just gone out of the shower.

Nowadays, men are also following the footsteps of women when it comes to the use of different fragrances. More and more companies in the beauty industry are opening separate lines for men when it comes to beauty and fragrances. However, men often have a hard time finding that perfect scent that will best embody his masculinity or manhood. The choices have become endless that have made it harder for men to shop and choose the right fragrance for him.

Two designer perfumes for men are now making waves in the fragrance industry. These two have very different scents but they have the same effect on women, which is an attraction.

The first fragrance is Calvin Klein’s Eternity Summer for men. With the success of Calvin Klein’s Eternity in the early 1990s, which is one of the best performing designer scents of all time, the American based company has now released Eternity Summer for men. This lighter version of Eternity still has the same sophistication of the original version but takes it to a new level of freshness and a more uplifting level.

Eternity Summer for men is a burst of citrus-infused with summer essentials such as mimosa flower, juniper berry, and kumquat. An additional infusion of sheer patchouli, vintage lavender and wood were included to make the scent fresh and subtle, yet masculine. The original version of Eternity, catered to a market who wanted passion and intimacy when it comes to fragrance while this new product caters to those who want the feeling of simplicity and freshness combined.

The second fragrance is Hypnose Homme by Lancome. This perfume for men is an inviting concoction that represents seduction creating an air of mystery. This passionate fragrance includes juice from the spicy black cardamom with warm undertones such as lavender, amber, and musk to create that perfect and sexy masculine scent. The bottle’s design also represents sensuality due to its unique twist and contour. Hypnose Homme is truly an elegant yet masculine scent that will surely captivate any woman.

To make fragrance shopping easier, here are some tips that can help you arrive at the perfect choice. First is time management. Pressure in decision-making can lead you to buy the wrong scent for you. Schedule your shopping to give yourself time to think. Next is, keep focused on what you want in a fragrance. Do not let yourself be involved in harassment by annoying salesclerks offering discounts and freebies. Do not let them decide for you. Only you alone can decide.

Consider taking a break by sniffing coffee beans to bring back your sense of smell after the endless sniffing. Narrow down your list of choices and test all the perfumes on your list. Find out which best smells on you because not all perfumes will have the same reaction on your skin. One scent can smell better on you than the other fragrance.

So there you have it. To all the men out there who want to captivate women, try out these new scents by Calvin Klein and Lancome and see the difference.


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