Make Money & Earn Gift Cards from Home

As a stay at home Mom, I’m always looking for ways to save money or make money. There are a variety of websites on the internet that claim to help you make fast cash, but they turn out to be scams or ‘pay us- and then we’ll pay you’ deals. I did find a few websites that are legit and Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 that really do payout.

Next winner:

Play their 2 games for points. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards for stores or even a pre-paid Visa which is reload-able. The games are slightly entertaining, but you can play and surf the web at the same time so you’re not losing out on valuable time. One game is simply luck of the draw, much like the lottery, while the other is basically Bingo. With the money wheel (lottery style) you have 100 spins to collect points. When playing Bingo- you get 10 cards per day to try to win. I have yet to cash out on a gift card but have friends who have and are more than pleased. Even better than playing to save points, you can win instantly too! There are amounts to be won from $25 to the jackpot! The net winner also operates it’s “sister sites” which give you 2 more opportunities with 100 spins on each and 10 more cards.


You earn points for doing what you would usually be done online: shopping, taking surveys, reading emails, just surfing around, or play games. As you save up points, they can be redeemed for gift cards to approximately 100 stores and restaurants or for airline miles and gas cards. There’s a gift card out there for everyone- and this also won’t take time away from the things you need to get done on the internet.


Here, you use the search engine to win prizes, get friends to sign up, and then win prizes when they do or earn points to use in their sweepstakes. The search engine is much like google or yahoo, so it just takes a switch of your usual search engine and you’ve now got the opportunity to win prizes. Winzy also features an arcade where you can play games and accumulate points to cash in for sweepstakes entries.

Pinecone Research-

This company will pay you for your opinion on products and services. They do not take open enrollment however, so keep your eyes open for their banners on various webpages. On occasion, you’ll answer a survey on a product, and then the manufacturer of the new product will send one to you to try it out. There will also be a follow-up survey in this case, which also leads to compensation. At $5 per survey, you have the potential to make decent money over the course of a year, and only for a few minutes of your time.

If you’ve got a few extra minutes in your day while you’re surfing the web, take time out to check out these opportunities. Of course, you won’t make enough in a week to support a family of 4, but every little bit helps these days.

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