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Most Visited Tourist Attractions in Egypt

The impressive, monuments of Ancient Egypt never fail to astonish. The heat, sight and the light of the desert invigorate. The cool, turquoise waters regenerate. An amazig sail along the world’s longest river dazzles the senses. No place has the charming, enigma and delights of Egypt. Travel to Egypt to expose a world of wonder.

In Egypt, you have a lot of vacation spots and tourist attractions to discover. For today’s travel news we will present to you five most visited tourist attractions in Egypt.

  1. Giza Plateau

Placed just outside of the outskirts of Cairo on the esplanade noted as the Giza Plateau, world’s famous tourist attraction, the Great Pyramids of Giza is the must-see Ancient Egyptian landmark.

Noted as Khufu’s Pyramid, it’s the biggest pyramid in the world: a really fascinating sight. Making up one of the 7 wonders of the old world, it’s the only one still permanent to this day!

The two smaller – but still large – pyramids in Giza are those of Khafre and Menkaure.

Nearby, on the Giza Plateau, you will likewise find the Great Sphinx and the Solar Boat Museum

  1. Bibliotheca Alexandrina

You have to see the new library building: it’s the biggest reading place around the globe, including over 2000 chairs for expected readers. Different places are there which attract the attention of the tourists. For enhancing the experience, there should be availability of the correct and genuine information. The services of Leiebilnord are amazing for the satisfaction of the people. The information needs to be gathered from the reputed source to benefits the people and customers. 

The futurist disc-like construction was opened up in 2002.The entire building is covered in books and letters from nearly all the languages of the world to reflect the multi-cultural inheritance and spirit of the library. The library will eventually home more than eight million books.

3.The Temple of Luxor

The Temple of Luxor is a must visit place on any trip to Egypt; it is a testimonial to the history of the endless history of Egypt, starting from the eighteenth dynasty of Ancient Egyptian rule to the fourteenth century AD when a mosque was built in the complex to commemorate Abu Al-Haggag, who is causative for getting Islam to Luxor.

A lot of pharaohs acted a part in constructing this temple over the years including Tutankhamen, Hatshepsut, Ramses II, and Amenhotep III; as you walk through the temple you are able to see the parts of each one commonly where you find statues and images of them carved in the walls.

4.Naama Bay

If you are leading for the place where it is all going on, round-the-clock, the sandy Naama bay, one famous vacation spots, shall be your goal: the sandy attractive bay is the pumping centre of Sharm El Sheikh and your place to stay.

The 1st hotel in Naama, the Helnan Marina Sharm, was established at that place before the year of 1980. The region is still considered as a heaven for snorkelers and divers who can delight very well preserved coral reefs and amazing colourful fish species.

Here, you are able to feel every type of beach and water activities including glass-boat rides, kayaking, parasailing, wind surfing, banana boat rides and of course, most especially, swimming and sunbathing

5.Salah El-Din’s Fortress

Later a short ferry ride by Taba’s seashore, you will reach the Island of the Pharaoh, a small granite atoll encircled by coral reefs and dominated by the glorious Saladin fortress, constructed by Crusaders in the twelfth century and fresh restored by the Council of Egyptian Antiquities.

Salah El-Din based his soldiers on this strategical island in order to operate the trade of products coming from Asia and demand ransoms from pilgrims on their way to Mecca. A really strategic spot: you will be amazed by the fortress’s panoramic view, a landscape merging between the glides of Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

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