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Lego Storage Tips, Ideas And Hacks You Need to Know

Lego is one of the interesting toys to play. Not only it is appealing to the eyes once you’re able to create a masterpiece but it also enhances creativity and innovative skills. However, Lego toys can be messy as it contains small pieces of designs and items. Hence, it is important that you find ways on how to store your Lego toys properly so you can keep and maintain all the pieces and components. But how will you do it? This article will give you some storage tips, ideas and hacks for your Lego toys.

Draw String Toy Bags

One of the effective storage tools that you can use for your Lego toys is a draw string toys gab. Just a simple bag woop and pull of the string of it and you can certainly keep all your Lego toys in the right storage. It is easy to use and not very bulky so you can easily manage to keep your floor lego free.

DIY Lego Table

A DIY Lego table is another great way to have your lego stored properly. It can also provide a surface that is very user-friendly for your children. It is very simple to create. You just have to buy an inexpensive table online and have the lego assembled to its surface and you are all set up.

Sliding Table with box

Another table that you can use is to store your lego toys properly is a sliding table with box. It is like a DIY table but the good thing about it is that it has a storage box underneath where you can keep and store your lego toys after using them. It is like an activity table with storage as well. It has both functions in one structure. 


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