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Steps to Click Quicker For the Click Speed Test

When we talk about the Click speed test – the term itself is self-explanatory! The test allows you to check and establish the number of clicks you can achieve in one single second. Keep clicking till your finger, armrest, or wrist begins vibrating. 

Typically, the average time for CPS is around 60 seconds. So the aim should be to click as fast as you possibly can. And depending on the total hits, your failure or success will be determined.

That said, you just have to practice clicking and clicking till your speed increases. It is not something anyone can achieve at the first few goes. To get good at it, you need to keep at it.

To Help You, Here Are Some Tips To Achieve More Clicks For The CPS Test! 

  • Always keep your hands relaxed.
  • Don’t try to strain your muscles excessively.
  • Look to use your claws.
  • Keep your palm on the table to be more stable when you click.
  • Look to fold your trigger arm to allow you to quickly move your hand up and down on the mouse button.
  • Use two fingers as that too helps increase your click speed
  • When using a laptop, look to double-clicking with the mouse. Also, use the mouse to double up the number of clicks you can manage.
  • You can also look to use a click bot if you are too lazy to click manually.
  • Refrain from apply excessive pressure.
  • Look to use a dedicated gaming mouse to aid you to increase your CPS
  • You can also exercise as they tend to be useful.
  • Look to use various different positions along with varying finger positions.
  • Whenever feasible, look to click with your non-writing hand. Doing so will help lessen cramps or pain when you sit down to write.
  • If you wish to better your click speed for certain competitive games such as clicking on a hero or a cookie clicker, look to use middle fingers and the other hand’s index finger to perform three rounds quickly.
  • If you’re using a mouse and a laptop, look to click the mouse and the touchpad simultaneously. You can do this by using your right hand to click the mouse and the left hand to use the clicker on the touchpad.

Also, look to hold the back of the mouse and click using your index finger and middle finger of the other hand. This will help maintain stability and achieve 2 clicks of the finger.

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