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Jojo’s Bizzare Posters Are A Must Buy

Considered to be one of anime and manga’s ‘mega-franchise,’ Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure has continued to pull incredible readership and glowing reviews right from its inception in the 1980s. As the manga series wraps up its 8th part, titled Jojolion, many are excited for what lies ahead. In the meantime, here are some of the reasons why fans should certainly get their hands on some of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Posters

  • The Artwork

One of the franchise’s prominent highlights has been the iconic art style of the creator, Hirohiko Araki.  Inspired by western painting styles, a surreal color palette, and sharp and prominent character design, the manga’s visual imagery in poster form is a beauty to behold.

  • The Inspiration

The Jojo series has never shied away from asking deep questions, exposing both the vulnerabilities and potential of the human mind and spirit. Many fans feel a deeper connection to the storylines, and there is no better way to commemorate one’s personal feelings about the franchise than in poster form.

  • The Eras

The series has run for over thirty years now, and in the process, has given birth to many incredible art styles, stories, and characters. Indeed, the shift between art styles over the years has been one of the most active discussion points among fans, with many choosing Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Posters in their most-loved style.

  • The Declaration

Posters are a cheap, simple, and effective way of infusing personality into any space and letting newcomers know what they are interested in. Thus, adding in posters from one’s favorite shows is a great way to make any space one’s own.

Thus, there are many very good reasons why fans of the series Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure should go for posters and other decor items of the series.


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