Relationship Advice For Men To Consider – Get the advice

You are expert when it comes to dating. It’s easy for you to charm ladies with your handsome smile and sweet talks. You are tagged as a “lover boy” and you are proud of it. You got all the skills in dating but when the right time comes when you finally decide to settle down and be serious on your relationship, your dating skills is not enough.

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Dating is completely different from a serious relationship. You can’t be just a charmer and sweet talker or else you will lose the love of your life.

Here is the fact, you are probably proud as a “lover boy” but think about this, your fellow men maybe curious and want to know your techniques in charming the ladies. But women are different in their perspective towards relationship. If you want a serious relationship- you got to be serious!

No matter how you enjoy dating you will come to the point of wanting to develop a steady and happy relationship. If you are now ready to take your relationship in the right track, you must consider these ideas:


Keep in mind that’s she’s not one of the guys whom you hang out with watching sports for hours without sensible conversation. She is your lady and she deserves enough attention from you. Make sure when you are together, no matter what you do either watching football, movies, or any activity…have a good conversation, a woman likes to share her inner thoughts and feelings. Be ready not just to listen but interact with her.


The meaning of intimacy for women is not only done in bed. They like their partner to be romantic in many ways like holding hands when you are walking in park, cuddling while watching TV, gazing into each other eyes and surprise kisses when least expected. Women love that, and it’s very effective in making your relationship more passionate.


She likes long conversations and you don’t. This can create a hole in the relationship so early inform her about how you normally communicate. Explain that man normally communicate through actions. More actions lesser words. Tell her that you prefer short but sweet conversation. She can talk as much as she want and tell her stories and you are willing to listen and pay attention but you can’t talk as much she can. Make it clear so that she won’t expect you to be a chatter box like her.


Familiar? That’s how women are. A woman wants to know how important she is to you. Not just that, you got to show her at all times especially when you have a history of having dated so many women in the past. A woman needs assurance that she is your one and only. Don’t get irritated if she always asked if you love him. She wants to hear the three magic words (I LOVE YOU)…all the time!

Learning the differences between you and your lady is one important key in creating a good relationship. You just have to pay attention and observe her personality. Know her better. Once you accomplish that, it would be easy for you to adjust and solve any situation without struggle. You’re the man, guide and lead her to a long lasting and happy relationship.

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