logoAnyone can come across Highland Park in at least five countries worldwide. In the United States alone, eight states shelter a Highland Park city or town, with another fifteen Highland Park neighborhoods across the ConUS.

While this website is not directly related to any of these places, we would like to borrow the name to highlight tourist destinations around the globe.

We are Highland Park City, and we are your window to the world.

We respect people’s dreams and individual needs to travel. We search for the earth’s best culinary masterpieces, prime spots for extreme relaxation to make us forget problems once in a while, top destinations for architecture, history, and geography, or just a place to heal and mend a broken heart. And for all other reasons, we would like to help.

While we cannot give the exact means such as a passport, visa, and plane tickets, we can share experiences and help set your expectations.

We may also burst your bubbles from time to time by providing lists of places where to go and where not to go. We can be your spoilers and teasers to your dreamland.

Highland Park City is a team of travel bloggers, who have been to different places through almost all methods possible – by sea, air, land, and most of the time, some pseudo-astral travel aka dreaming.

We sometimes think we’re like a comprehensive travel insurance, less the money. We provide answers and solutions yet won’t ask for premiums. Your patronage is more than enough.