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A Heart Wrenching Story Of A Dog That Passed Away

In July of 2004, a man named James held his German Shorthaired Pointer, named Dutch, for the first time. He liked the puppy immediately, and they got along so well. However, on November 20, 2014 James held Dutch for the… Continue Reading…

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CBD Oil For Dogs: 5 Reasons It Works!

A non-THC compounds, CBD is one of the most talked about product in the last few years. Due to the wide range of medical benefits it comes with, CBD can help you enjoy a better health and lifestyle. Even dogs… Continue Reading…


Why Do People Find African Cichlids Captivating?

Cichlids belong to a very huge family of fishes in whichmany species are yet to be described by scientific studies. These fishes are one of the most attractive and preferred fish species on the Earth. These fishes are generally found… Continue Reading…

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Poisonous Bufo Toads Can Kill Your Dog – Know The Reality!!

Bufo Toads (also known as Giant Toads, Cane Toads and scientifically, Bufo marinus) are a major threat to dogs in South Florida. An invasive species, these Giant Toads are highly toxic to animals and cause death 100% of the time… Continue Reading…


Some Dog Grooming Tips

No matter what breed of dog you have, whether long-haired or short-haired, good dog grooming is important. The reasons for grooming your dog go a lot farther than just wanting your dog to look good. Not grooming your dog on… Continue Reading…


How to Pick the Right Health Care Provider for Your Cat

Most of us know in order to keep our cats healthy we need a veterinarian with whom we have a working relationship. We may to think that veterinarian is interchangeable with another. We may only look at price and location… Continue Reading…

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