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Shopping and product review

Shopping and product review

The Segway miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter Features

When it comes to recreation, one of the newest devices that are made for such is the hoverboard. These are also known as self-balancing scooters that come with a set of motorized wheels, as well as pads where your foot can be placed on. If you are looking for the best brand of these hoverboards, then Segway is, without a doubt, the best one for you. One of  their best-selling units is the miniPro, and these are the reasons why.

It’s Powerful

The 14 miles of range, as well as the top speed of 10 mph is indeed more powerful than other brands. Moreover, it is capable of carrying 220 lbs. maximum worth of payload, thanks to the aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame that it is made with. For a smoother ride, it also comes with pneumatic tires that are air filled, that each measure 10.5 inches.

Safe to Use

Hoverboards have been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons lately. One of these include the fact that these may be fire hazards, as their batteries could spontaneously combust, and thus cause injury to the one riding it. To prevent this from happening, the unit has a UL-2272 Certification that is of the highest standards in the world in terms of global safety for fire and electrical safety.

Easy Use and Many other Handy Features

For easier use, the Segway miniPro also comes with operating capabilities for remote control, as well as anti-theft alarm to keep it safe. To prevent overspeeding, speed control features are also present. Vehicle diagnostics, Bluetooth compatibility, as well as constant updates for its firmware are also available. It comes with a mobile app for use, and thus taking convenience and quality of using this unit up a notch.

Cotton Bags vs. Plastic Bags

Starting to use katoenen tassen bedrukken is one of the easiest 1st steps toward a life that is environmentally friendly. Even if cotton the fabrication and conception of cotton bags have an influence on our environment, the modest truth that we could use it again and that they’re created from biodegradable materials make cotton bags a much ideal choice than plastic bags.

Practical, Nice, and Sustainable

These types of bags are much more practical, great, and sustainable than plastic ones. They are simple to wash and you could use them again and shun tons of plastic bags.

Save Wild Animals and Keep Oceans Clean

Cotton bags have less influence on air pollution and they use less oil, energy, and water. Also, they contribute to save wild animals and keep oceans clean. These are the main victims of plastic bags.

Non-Toxic Option

Also, these types of bags are really simple to find. You could also select them in organic cotton or the standard one. These organic cotton bags are made from cotton that is grown without the use of pesticides and much ideal option for cultivated land quality and local populations.


In a lot of areas, we have to spend money for plastic bags. On the other hand, you could reuse a cotton bag for a lot of times.

Less Carbon Footprint

Most plastic bags are manufactured from materials that are non-sustainable. Their fabrication has a huge carbon footprint which pollutes the Earth’s water and soils. Plastic does not dissolve. It only degrades into finer pieces that pollute land and ocean. These fine pieces have an indirect impact on our health as it enters the food chain.


Plastic bags mostly can’t be recycled, do not forget that. And if you recycle them, it costs more than its value.