The editorial team picked the top five places to be in before the world ends – more of the bucket list than Armageddon hotspots.

1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Travelers who have been to this island have spoken. Bora Bora is ideal for honeymooning. With its volcanoes and perfect scenery, nothing can ever go wrong in this paradise.
Go skinny dipping along Matira Beach, while enjoying the views of Mount Otemanu. Try 4×4 excursions and have fun.

2. Cusco, Peru

Peru’s Cusco is an archaeological haven showcasing an exceptional mix of the Andes, Spain, and Inca in one spectacular location.

Take a tour of the lovely city before you head straight to Macchu Picchu.

3. Yellowstone, Wyoming

We tried our best not to include any US tourist spot on this list, not because we’re haters but because it was already a given. The United States of America is a paradise by itself.

True enough, the Yellowstone kept us thinking so hard. Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon, and the Lake never fails to astonish travelers and families alike.

4. Argentine Patagonia, Argentina

Search for any picture of Patagonia, and you’ll fall in love right away. Glaciers, penguins named after Magellan, and other must-see animals and places all within this Andean area.

5. Budapest, Hungary

Just another place to fall in love, or mend a failing heart, Budapest is arguably one of the best romantic places on Earth. Politics, commerce, culture, and architecture found a common home.

Visit the Castle Hill, Fisherman’s Bastion, and theHungarian National Gallery.

(FYI: We are not paid to advertise the following tourist spots. We would love to if you’d insist.)