How to Pick the Right Health Care Provider for Your Cat

Most of us know in order to keep our cats healthy we need a veterinarian with whom we have a working relationship. We may to think that veterinarian is interchangeable with another. We may only look at price and location when looking to choose a new health care provider. It will pay off for you and your cat to put a little effort in finding the right veterinarian.

Today more than ever you have options. If you have pet insurance the place to start is with the list of providers that your insurance may require you use if services for your cat are covered. Some pet insurance reimburses you directly for the cat’s care. Still they will most likely have a list of veterinarians who are used by their insurance clients. Even when the insurance reimburses you for your cat’s care the veterinarian practice should be willing to fill out the claim forms. Some offices might charge a fee to fill out claims. Unless, you’re pet insurance provider has complicated claims the office should offer this service for free.

If you don’t have pet insurance or money for large out of pocket expenses you may want to consider a franchise type of veterinarian practice. These are the kind sometimes associated with pet supply stores or other pet service providers. These larger practices may offer financing to allow you to pay for needed services over time. Even if you don’t have an immediate need to spend a lot of money on your cat’s health these practices offer you an alternative besides doing nothing should the need arise. Imagine that Fennec fox handling and potty training is now on the rise, what more is your cat? Certainly your pet also needs some pampering and training.

The old fashioned way to find a veterinarian will work too. Most people do not have insurance for their cat and are best served by finding a veterinarian who love pets and people and will work with you on payments should the need arise. How do you find such a veterinarian? Ask other pet owners or use the veterinarian who volunteers his or her services for the local pet rescue. Does the veterinarian have his or her own animals in the waiting room? A veterinarian who keeps pets at work is often a true pet lover and will give your cat all the attention it needs.

If you have a cat with a lot of health problems or that is a certain breed then you may want to consider a cat’s only veterinarian practice. These are not as plentiful as normal veterinary service providers, but they can be very helpful if you cat develops conditions that it might be hard for a regular general practice veterinarian to diagnose or treat.

If you do not have a veterinarian yet, be sure you know where the pet emergency hospital is and if they are opened nights and weekends. Like the emergency room for people, the animal emergency room should only be used for emergencies. Still, most veterinarians are opened only during day time and weekdays. Cats like kids tend to get seriously ill when the regular veterinarian is closed. It is good to know what your options are when you cannot go to your regular pet care provider.

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