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ill You Ever “arrive” in Life?

No, there was no Ponce De Leon Fountain of Youth that helped me untangle many secrets in my life. There was nothing special that I did, or could do, to extend my life span past fifty years. I learned that faith and hope are dual agents of change in life. Still want to know the best secrets to understanding life better? Just keep living.


Family is the central unit that keeps most of us afloat. You will need a lifeboat in life daily. The tides (problems) will come, and nearly drown you. However, if you will abandon false pride in your life, as you “mature” in life, then there is hope. Sadly, many of us never fully appreciate how resourceful the family unit can be until funerals. Often, as we get older, wiser and more frugal, extended family members dwindle. Family can often be defined by the people you need, keep and trust around you when times are the most challenging; and the ones who would stick around you regardless of any material wealth that they suspect that you have. Who you choose to network with, love, and trust as part of your central family unit is discretionary.


Most of us (who are not retired, disabled or independently wealthy) need employment to maintain basic living standards. Going to work because you have to pay bills secures you a job. Going to work because you actually love what you do, regardless of pay, is a clearer path to a rewarding career. However, you need book sense(skills, higher education) to get a job, and enter your careers; street sense to keep you safe after you leave your job, and common sense to teach you how to treat people fairly. Treating people fairly means treating people like you want to be treated. Many of us are deficient in one or more of these areas above.


As many of us mature in life spiritually, we become cognizant of the fact that grace and mercy is pivotal, and essential to our momentarily existence. The engine of grace and mercy that I chose as my path to faith is God. There have been many “situations” in my life that appeared to get resolved via some supernatural intervention. However, “supernatural” is inconsistent with God’s autonomy. I believe that without God’s knowledge and approval, no human achievements and failures are valid or permitted. I also believe that Christ validated us as evolving Christians at Calvary, and we will always be works-in-progress. The definition of “belief” always includes some explanation of “faith”. I believe that without faith, we simply “exist” on Earth.


Love is not always tangible. Often, some people spend decades trying to grasp hold to people and things that gives us “special feelings”. However, these “special feelings” only satisfy temporary voids in our lives. It is often when we attempt to make these “special feelings” permanent that we realize how conditional/temporary these entities are. I believe that a combination of maintaining healthy and genuine family relationships, having holistic and satisfying careers, and relying on your genuine faith leads you to agape love. Even Death is not permanent to Christian believers. While some people go to alternatives and other hook up websites and apps. You should stay still on your ground. There is always a perfect time for everything and there is no need to rush. The perfect one will surely come one day at the most unexpected time but always with the right person.

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