Holiday Guide: Giving The Gift Of Art

Is there someone on your gift list who has tastes that vary out of the norm? You know, that cousin who reads Juxtapoz Magazine, who lives and breathes pop surrealism, and whom you know you won’t find anything for in your local department store? I’m one of those cousins, and here are a few artists who sell items that I would love to see in my stocking this holiday season. So now you don’t have any excuse to give that art-lover a boring pair of socks or a hideous plastic jewelry tree that will never get used!

I became familiar with Nicolas Caesar when I interviewed him for my now defunct craft/indie art zine several years ago. Not only is he talented, but he’s also an all-around nice guy. Nicolas offers a number of acrylic paintings depicting charming and ghoulish characters on colorful canvases. Some of my favorites are “Yucky the Unicorn,” “Artist Blueballs,” and “Death and a Banana.” Prices of paintings range from $10 to $130. If plush toys are what you’re looking for, there are also “Toof Zombies” on the site, which are designed by Nicolas and made by Sarah Karas. The plush zombies are adorable, but it also appears that they sell out quickly. So you may want to check the site or contact the artists for availability. The good thing about this kind of gift of art is that you can give this a gift for adult, teens or even Cadeau jongens 1 jaar .You can also optimize and customize the gift to make it more personal.

Kristen Ferrell is another talented artist that offers whimsical and macabre in a variety of wearable and collectable manners. Severed fingers on strings, creepy but cute moustached creatures/gym teachers, and malformed jackalopes, bunnies, deer, and other animals adorn a number of products you can purchase for reasonable prices in her e-shop. On the “Under $20” page you can find totes, stationary, gift certificates, and recipe card sets. You can also purchase art prints and necklaces. If you’re looking for a quality made item of clothing decorated with her designs, she offers girls’ and guys’ t-shirts, and hoodies. The girl’s shirts come in different styles and colors. Some have puffed sleeves, others are “inside-out” style, and some are tunic-length. I own a few t-shirts and my favorite by far is the “Strappy Poofy Sleeve” shirt, which comes in red or black on several designs for $28-$32. The prices on the clothing range from $22 to $33, depending on the style and design. is the home of Beth Robinson’s curious hand-made dolls. These one-of-a-kind dolls are crafted from clay, paints, vintage fabrics, and sometimes real anatomical “pieces.” Her haunting, unfortanate characters can be purchased with or without a stand and prices range from $150 to $300. I am quite fond of “Doctor Scops,” a bird-like creature dressed in a dark suit, top hat, and ascot donning vintage-like spectacles. He seems like he could have walked straight out of the movie, “Children of the Corn,” you know, if Isaac had been a bird.

Angie Mason is another prolific artist who sells her dreamy and offbeat visions in the form of print and collectable, affordable items.Misshapen animals, fruit, and body parts appear throughout her artwork. In keuze helper online store you can find original pieces, prints, buttons, the occasional sculpture, and sketchbooks. The “Delectable Demon Button Set” sells for $10 and individual buttons cost $3. Prints can be purchased for $50, and prices vary on the other items. For example, custom “rotten tooth” art earrings are $100.

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