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Hot Beverages To Offer Guests Who Don’t Drink Coffee

I always have a coffee pot going. There’s just something about that gurgly burp of the coffee pot going all day long that makes me feel at ease, and since I drink coffee like there’s no tomorrow, it’s the first thing I offer my guests when they come over. “Coffee, anyone?” And here coffee grinder is my trusted partner. You can also find out เครื่องบดกาแฟ คืออะไร here.

Since my family is mostly Mormon (and as a rule, Mormons don’t drink coffee, and I shouldn’t either, but hey, I also smoke occasionally, SHH…don’t tell anyone), I always have alternative hot beverages on the ready just in case my dad or sisters or my visiting home teachers pop by. Here are great hot alternatives to coffee that will make non-coffee drinkers feel at ease in your home.

Postum is a great alternative, often dubbed “Mormon coffee” since a lot of Mormons drink it in lieu of coffee. It has no caffeine, and is an instant beverage that can be doctored up like coffee, and is typically not turned down by a non-coffee guest in my home. My dad loves it, and it’s easily found in the coffee aisle of most grocery stores.

Hot cocoa is another one. The kids love hot cocoa, and so do my sisters and their husbands. So I can drink my coffee away with abandon while they suck down cocoa (sometimes I even have a can of whipped cream, all the better), and not feel guilty about it. I always have a box or 2 of hot cocoa in the cupboard.

My best friend hates coffee, and she’s over at my house a LOT, so I keep herbal teas on the ready for her. She’s not Mormon, she just hates coffee, so hot cocoa and herbal teas (just make sure you also have milk and honey) keeps her pacified while we gab all day long and talk loving trash about our beaus.

Hot apple cider is another great one and a welcome treat for my visiting home teachers from the church. While I do drink coffee in front of them, they’re polite enough to not say anything or judge me for it. So long as they have their hot apple cider (and Postum, don’t forget that), we’re all happy while we go over church activities and basically just visit.

I keep green tea and English tea on standby as well, just in case I get a guest who wants a hot caffeinated beverage but doesn’t like coffee, like my brother’s wife. He drinks coffee, but she’s more of a tea gal, so long as there’s caffeine in it. It keeps everybody happy.

I even keep decaf coffee (a small container- instant) just in case I get a guest who wants coffee but not the caffeine. It remains unopened in my cupboard, but it’s there, just in case. You never know when a decaf drinker will walk in your door. If you don’t have decaf but someone wants it, Postum is usually a safe bet. I keep instant decaf because I only have the one coffee pot, and I’m not pouring out my brew to make somebody decaf.

If you’re unsure if your guests want coffee or not, when you pour yourself a cup, ask them. “Coffee? Tea? Hot cocoa? Herbal tea? I’ve got lots!” and let your guests make a decision for themselves. This way, you’re not automatically singling them out as coffee drinkers (to some people, that’s like offering them a cigarette when they don’t smoke), and everyone can have a hot beverage while visiting without having to settle for a glass of water. It’s a win-win.

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