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Social Media and The Future of Business

The first “online” social networks developed through the phone system. My fascination with social media began in the 1980’s. As part of a group of hackers, known as phreakers – we took over networks to connect with others, including virtual seminars through company test lines.

We would hack voice mail systems to leave recorded audio messages for others to retrieve, reminiscent of today’s podcasts. Let’s take a look into how this started…

Today, you can measure, manage, and maintain relationships with clients using the same tools were previously only available to giant corporations. Businesses have been rapidly embracing the delicate transition from disruptive through enabling technologies, leveraging social media more than ever. Companies not embracing these new social media tools will fall by the wayside. For knowing the future of the YouTube channel creation, check my blog is recommended through the experts. The use of the latest technologies is done to get the desired results without any problem. The social media will offer  innovative results to the business person for increasing sales. 

When planning a professional social media campaign, it’s critical to 1st define your goals. You can use social media marketing successfully within several different aspects of business but you need a plan! Take time to research different social media networks and consider which ones are most appropriate for what you are trying to accomplish. Take the time to learn who the players are and how people are engaging successfully in your chosen networks. For example:

  • Consider your target audience. This is an important factor to think about initially. Who are you targeting, what do they like and how do they prefer to network? What types of social media tools are your targets currently using? Knowing the answer to this will help you see the best methods that you can use.
  • Look at your competitors. It’s important to see what the competition is doing. Do Do they have any social media presence at all? If they have a large social media presence, what has been the most successful aspects of social media for them?
  • What are your goals? It’s very important to have clearly defined roles in place in the beginning if you plan to be successful with your social media attempts. By defining your goals in advance you can best be prepared to reach them.

Learn about social media tools. There are many different tools – from websites that will allow you to schedule and track metrics on tweets, to tracking sites that will show you where you are strong or in need of improvement in building up your clout, generosity, and overall social currency.

Different businesses benefit from using social media in customer service, sales prospecting and customer relations, marketing of new offerings, and more. It’s crucial to have a plan in place, and to keep it fluid – you will learn quickly and if you are prepared to move quickly can best engage and benefit from the dynamic that is social media. Understanding what your competitors are doing will give you a better understanding of how you can make social media work for you.

It’s time already to have social media working for you. Utilizing social media in business takes a thorough understanding of social media and business communications. Proper use of social media in business is the most powerful and least expensive tool you have!

Over the next several posts, I’ll be sharing more information about how social media for business has progressed throughout history and how to pay attention to trends impacting your professional future. I consider it an honor to share more with you!

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