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Social Media Tips for an Indian Tyre Company

I was recently approached by a professional working for a leading tire company (Let’s call it PP Tyres) in India, how they can use social media for their brand. They already a Facebook page (and that’s it!). The person specifically asked me what other interesting things they could do on their Facebook Page, or other social networks, to spice up their social media efforts. We’ll Learn More more about here. 

I didn’t offer any advice at that time, as, unfortunately, ideas don’t come that easy & soon to me. So I offered to come back with my inputs sometime later, like in a day or two. While coming back home, I kept thinking as to what possibly could be done for a tire company so as to excite fans and build more engagement.

I came back home, saw their Facebook page, which looked really good, some good posts, a fairly good number of likes, comments, & shares (i.e. engagement) which made my job even tougher. ‘What else they can do’, I thought to myself.

Today, I finally sat down, did some research, gathered some ideas in mind, and here I am.

Before I could go further, let me introduce you to the company,

PP Tyres is India’s leading tire company making tires for Bikes, Cars, trailers/farm vehicles, LCV/Trucks. The company has many years of experience in the business and commands a fairly good reputation in the market. They are an established name, known for making good quality tires that last long.

Brand Attributes: The tire brand stands for toughness, making tires that are strong, and lost lasting. As its website states: tough yet smooth, secure yet ready to explore the undaunted. So in addition to being bold & challenging, the brand also promises safety & security. All in all, the words that I can associate with the Tyre brand are Toughness, Strength, Daring, Challenge, Explore, Go beyond, Unleash yourself.

Here are the brand’s 2 major Social Media Objectives:

Create brand awareness as well as convey core brand messages & values.

As what we are talking about here is toughness & strength, as well as challenge, so why not come up with something that challenges customers? Something that will excite them, and encourage them to take action!

Here is what I will suggest, primarily 3 things:

The brand, at the moment, only has a Facebook page and no presence on other social networking sites. I strongly recommend that the brand starts a YouTube brand channel, and harnesses the power of video content.

Video is a great way to engage the audience, in an interesting way. YouTube is the world’s largest video property with 800 million unique users. Over 48 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube every minute.

The brand can create video content, highlighting the important brand elements, like toughness, strength, adventure. Videos showing emotions like excitement, passion, pride, confidence would be more impactful. Videos on customer experiences, adventure stories, and their own act of daredevilry can be collected and shared.

Video contests can be run, asking customers to upload videos of their acts of daredevilry or stunts, interesting experiences, or stories, & get a chance to win exciting prizes! There are several other ways of creating video content to engage users & who knows if some of these videos go viral!

Contests are a great way to engage the audience, & increase fanbase. Every brand on Facebook must launch contests from time to time, to generate user activity, excite fans, and increase engagement.

PP tires must also launch Facebook contests to engage theirs over me, 00,000 fans. With this huge fan- base, contests work beautifully & are very successful.

Here are some contest ideas:

What is the most Daring thing you have ever done in Life? Share stories, the best stories will win brand new tires for bike/Car, etc.

Enter to Win. All you need is to complete the sentence:

A tire to a bike is like ……to ……

If ….(your brand) were a person, What 4 words starting with letters (a, t, c, & e) would you use to describe its personality?

Take an interesting picture. Ask users to choose an interesting caption for that picture. Best entries will win a prize.

If you are given a task to create a slogan for …..(Your brand), what will you create?

PP Tyre Co. doesn’t have a Twitter account yet. It must create a Twitter profile, and also launch Twitter contests. Twitter contests, like Facebook contests, are absolute must brands & they are an excellent way to engage customers and generate buzz.

Here are a few hashtags that can be used to launch contests in Twitter- #lastsforever #neverstops #mostchallenging #nothingcanbeat #flattireonroad #nevertires

Here are some examples of Tweets, for launching contests:

”Hey Guys! Ready for a contest? Tell us what you think that #lastforever. Tweet using the hashtag, Retweet & spread the word around!

Here we a cool contest for you all! Tweet, Retweet using the hashtag #neverstops, and tell us what, you think, never stop!

Here is a contest for you! Tweet, retweet using hashtag #Nothingcanbeat. The 5 most interesting tweets will win exciting prizes!

Hey Tweeples! @contestalert Tell us #mostchallenging thing you have ever done! Best stories will win exciting gifts! Spread the word!”

I guess, enough tips for the Tyre Co.!

Social media marketing is more an experiment than following tried and tested ways. What works for one company or industry, might not work that well for another. So first try & experiment, see what is working & what is not, make adjustments, and keep going! Do what works best in your own given situation or setting.

In my subsequent posts, I will pick more industries or companies & suggest similar tips on how they could leverage social media for their business.

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