What Is Bitconnect?

Bitconnect is two things at once. First, is a digital coin like all the others. You have your wallet, and you can send coins, these coins are traded on exchanges, etc. But secondly, Bitconnect is the platform that the creators have built to give more life to the coin-based added services. In it, you have available a whole exchange between dollars, Bitconnect, and Bitcoin, apart from an investment utility to monetize the currency.

How are they used?

 The BitConnect coins are used by members of the bitconnect community for bitconnect services in addition to saving and investing in their wealth in a currency which is not controlled by the government and even gaining a substantial investment interest.

How are they produced?

 BitConnect Coins use a special algorithm called POW / POS that secures the BitConnect coin network. The moment you acquire a BitConnect coin, it becomes an asset with a yield of 120% per year through POS minting. All you have to do to win with this method is to keep your coins in your BitConnect-QT Portfolio. In addition to POS minting, the BitConnect coin can be mined with a CPU / GPU and does not need a special ASIC miner as in Bitcoin

How to win with Bitconnect?

 There are two ways to win with this currency:

 The first one is straightforward, undermining the coin. Bitconnect is a PoS currency, which means that you save coins without using them. It is a method of giving stability to the coins without generating electrical expenses as significant as those of the mining of Bitcoin (that is a PoW system).

After downloading the wallet, you must wait 15 days for your coins to earn “maturity”, and only with having the wallet open will you drop small fractions of the mining of the new blocks.

The second one is different, but also very simple. It is based on investing in its platform: Bitconnect. For this, you register directly on your official website, and when you have the account created, you can start spending.

Investing in Bitconnect

 Once you have created the user in Bitconnect, you can now see how easy it is to invest. We have two wallets Bitcoin and Bitconnect. We send money to the wallet that we like the most. If what we have sent are bitcoins, we use the exchange window to convert it to Bitconnect. The investments are made in Bitconnect concerning dollars. So the changes we always make to end this way. The investment is made with reference in the minimum of $ 100.

Where does the gain come from?

 When you lend money to the platform, you are in some way becoming a partner, since you have developed your own exchange, can charge commissions and earn money with the difference between the buying and selling prices. Also, every time you invest or trade currencies, you generate new fees.

Also, the mining benefits you would get if you had those coins in a wallet doing PoS would also be collecting them, which increases the amount of what you are going to receive.

In conclusion, Bitconnect is a huge business potential that should be tried out by the corporate sector as modern day technology is far too advanced to be missed and you can also check my site called by looking it up online as it would give you all the info you would need in making your dreams become a reality aside from the benefits of mining that increases your chances at purchasing various bonuses.

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