Marijuana Should Be Made Legal Here Are The Top Reasons Why

Though marijuana has been consumed by humans for centuries upon centuries, when the prohibition came to the United States it was made illegal alongside alcohol. Though alcohol regained its status, marijuana remained a banned and largely-feared substance for decades, and our scientists haven’t even started studying it until recently. If their findings are to be believed though, it may be time to undo the mistakes of the past and legalize marijuana here. Moreover, the medicinal properties of CBD that is derived from the plant make a really strong statement itself. Click here to know where to buy cbd oil of high-quality at affordable price. 

Marijuana Legality Reason #1 – Illegalization Was a Failure

To begin, there is no question about whether or not the marijuana prohibition is effective: it practically doesn’t work. Though various criminal penalties were put into place and enforced for almost eight decades now, the number of people smoking cannabis in the United States has reached the twenty-five million users threshold. In other words, trying to stop people from smoking marijuana through force has obviously failed.

In addition to that, legalizing marijuana would reduce illegal drug intake amongst teenagers and give a solid blow to the international crime market. How is that possible? Because marijuana is not regulated and easily available, teenagers are very tempted to try it (and in some cases make a buck by selling to their friends), especially seeing as how they are not old enough to buy alcohol yet. If it were to become legal and regulated, it is only logical that illegal dealers will see a drastic drop in demand, in turn lowering its availability on the streets. The marijuana trade is also one of the most lucrative businesses for criminal organizations, and cutting their sales would be quite a heavy blow for them.

Marijuana Legality Reason #2 – We Can Use the Money

At the moment, our government has an incredibly giant debt to pay, and what’s worse is that the numbers just keep on rising. We need to tap every morally-acceptable money faucet we have, and legal marijuana is one of the most potent ones. For starters, it will drastically reduce the amount of money spent on arrests seeing as how every year around 750,000 – 800,000 end up in jail for a possession; it’s a waste of time, money, and manpower. It also goes without saying that taxing the sale of marijuana will net the government a nice little boost to their budget.

Marijuana Legality Reason #3 – It’s Not Dangerous

Some of the most prominent arguments against the legalization of marijuana revolve around the health danger it represents. Fortunately, recent clinical studies have demonstrated that marijuana is non-toxic for humans, that overdosing on it is virtually impossible (you would fall asleep way before reaching the necessary quantity), that it is not nearly as addictive as tobacco or alcohol, and more importantly, a total of zero people die from it every year. As if that wasn’t already enough, certain studies have shown that cannabinoids (found in marijuana) are very effective at preventing cancer cells from spreading. There are even completely healthy ways of using marijuana, such as ingesting it in food or smoking it through a vaporizer. In other words, marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as other items that are part of our culture and can actually be used for medical purposes.

As you can see, the reasons for legalizing marijuana are plentiful, but it won’t matter if the word isn’t spread about it. There are many (especially highly-placed individuals in the pharmaceutical and textile industries) who risk losing a lot of money if marijuana were to be legalized, meaning for it to happen The People will have to make a push; after all, this is the land of the free, so shouldn’t we be allowed to do what we want as long as we don’t cause to harm to anyone?

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