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Don’t Know Where To Keep The Pepper Spray? We have got the best solution for you!

We all know that these pepper sprays are really useful but handy? No, it’s really not handy sometimes. Girls are always carrying a sling bag or a handbag to keep all these things. But sometimes it is not really easy to take it out of the bag and then uses it.

Here are some best options to keep it handy and safe, all because of Sabre Red pepper spray:

  • Key chain

A keychain and a pepper spray is really such a good option. Mostly it is because these key chains come in different colors, and they make it look really nice. People love having different keychain colors when it can help keep you safe, and it is just the best way.

  • Hand strap

Going out for a walk or jogging and don’t want to take your bag with you? Use the hand strap for taking the spray with you. It will not fall or irritate the person at all and will stay intact as it is. Some girls like to use it another way too. If they are wearing a dress, it is rather easy to strap it on their legs for easy access.

  • Belt holster

Buy a belt holster from Sabre Red pepper spray and keep pepper spray and other essentials in it. It will look really cool and will make it easy to take it with you while going out.

  • Keep it compact

Using a compact pepper spray will not affect the effectiveness. One spray, and the attackers will go away. When it is really compact, it is easy to keep it in the bag and in small places for faster access.

At last, all these are the best ways to keep the pepper spray. Make sure to check the website of sabre, and there will be all these things.

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