Why Do People Find African Cichlids Captivating?

Cichlids belong to a very huge family of fishes in whichmany species are yet to be described by scientific studies. These fishes are one of the most attractive and preferred fish species on the Earth. These fishes are generally found in the regions of Asia, America, Africa, and Madagascar with many diverse amazing features. African Cichlid types are among the most preferred species of this big family by which most of the fish pet owners are often fascinated. These fishes are found with a general appearance with a big wide variety of color types, they are found varied, vibrant, and vivid, also African cichlids are active in nature and aggressive in behavior.

These fishes can make communication possible through various means such as acoustic, chemical, tactile, and visual. As mentioned about their color and appearance variety, some African cichlids have distinctive patterns and bright colors that make them most-demanded and valuable in the aquarium trade. Amazingly, these fish species have been recognized under a list of a total of 156 cichlid species as vulnerable, 69 ascritically endangered, and 40 as endangered, also 6 species are now taken as extinct in the wild which make the African cichlid types recognized by the International Union for the conservation of nature (IUCN).

The African cichlid fishes are one of the unique types of ray-finned fishes that demonstrate a variety of different colors, behaviors, body shapes, and reproductive strategies. All these amazing features of this type of fish make it hard to believe that it belongs to the family of the same taxonomical fishes. These fishes are rather a common choice for cuisine within its native range. Egyptians have been using The Nile tilapia species of these fishes as an important food source for a thousand years. Although it is rare to discover someone eating cichlids in the United States, these fishes are considered to be a healthy type of fish with low levels of mercury. All the above mentioned amazing facts and features make this fish one of the fascinating pet for many fish pet owners.

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