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The Importance Of Sad Status

Nowadays, the best way to describe your current mood is through a status. Old generation people get confused with all these new lingos. They often wonder about the whereabouts of the kids these days. But it is the best time to leave. You do not need to text all your friends separately and tell them about your breakup or a new dress or anything at all. You can just put status, and all your loves ones will know. Usually, people incline towards putting their sad status or breakup ones more.

Is it important to put status?

Today’s kids and teens are busy with the packed up schedule. They do not have the time to chat all day. Instead, putting up status will convey their message with the same impact as their private texts. The new generation relies highly on social media statuses. It is not only for letting others know about their moods, but they have helped in other ways. Through social media status, people help create awareness, sad status about the world and climate change. It helped to drive a mass protest all over the world. It started with one single status followed by numerous shares, retweets and forwards.

Celebrities, influencers and brands share their event details through this status. It has also become a marketing and PR tool. After all, it is the fastest way to get your voice heard.

At present, if anything happens, bad or good, the first thing a person does is put up a status. We let our loved ones know about our sadness, happiness, breakup or job promotion through our social media statuses through our various moments in our lives. Either we write something short or post a photo with a caption that states our feeling or a video that says it all.

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