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Some Fantastic Modes Of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (Pubg)

Virtual games are loved by everyone around the world. The trend of battle games is there in the present situations. People love to play battle games as they feel like they are killing the opponents on their own, and they feel good after playing battle games. PUBG is the most popular battle game which is played by every gamer, and even non-gamers also play this because of its features and graphics. Its features include different type of modes, types of equipment, high-resolution graphics and so on. Along with this, you can also play in pubg Tournaments tournaments after learning the game properly. Let’s discuss some of the fantastic modes of PUBG.


This game mode is based on playing solo by using your own tactics for playing this game. You will be sent alone in the battleground, and you have to tackle each and every situation of the battleground and have to win the game. You will win when you are the last player alive in the battle zone.

Solos FPP (First Person Perspective)

Solo FPP mode is similar to the solo mode as you will also be alone in this mode. But, in the solo mode, you will be counted as the third person, and in this, you will be counted in the first position.


As the name suggests, you have to make the team with one more individual in this mode. Both of you have to kill your opponents, and you will become the winner after killing all of them.


This is the most famous mode as this mode is used by almost every player. In this mode, you have to make a team of around four players have to compete with your opponents. It is dependent on you about the number of players you want to add to your squad (not more than 4). You will win chicken dinner in the game when you win the battle.

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