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Myth Busters Healthy Food That Will Make You Fat

All that is healthy is not really what it seems. You might be experiencing weight loss plateaus or roadblocks simply because you are noshing on the wrong fare. Following are several so-called healthy foods that could be packing on the pounds.

Dehydrated Fruits

Dried fruits are a lot denser than the fresh kind. This means that they have all of the concentrated sugar and none of the water that helps to make you feel full. Thus, a small box of dried raisins will have a lot more calories than a handful of grapes and can leave you feeling infinitely less satisfied. It is also important to note that many popular brands are now infusing their dried fruits with extra sugar in order to increase their consumer appeal. If you want to gain optimal benefits from eating fruits, try consuming them fresh. A few dried cranberries on your salad will not hurt, but you have to be careful to select a brand that has not added many extra ingredients to enhance the flavor.

Bran Muffins, Whole Grain Muffins And Other Muffin Varieties

A bran muffin for breakfast sure feels like it does a body good. These baked selections really can contain a lot of soluble fiber and health benefits. Unfortunately, however, they are often loaded with butter, sugar and other ingredients that can derail your weight loss program. Having one of these treats every now and then will not hurt you, but these should not be your daily breakfast go to.


Granola is a favorite dietary addition for most people, given the sweet, crunchy goodness that it can add to a simple morning yogurt. These products contain a mind-blowing amount of fat and oils, few of which are truly beneficial to the body. Try enhancing your morning cup of yogurt with blueberries and pecans instead. These will add texture and a lot more flavor and they have a number of amazing benefits for the brain. Not only will you be consuming fewer, empty fat grams, but you will also be enhancing your mental acuity.

Rice Cakes

Eating plan rice cakes can feel a lot like eating packing peanuts. Now, however, more food manufacturers are upping the intrigue of these low-calorie snacks by adding sweetness, saltiness, and a wide-variety of flavors ranging from caramel to buttered popcorn. Although these treats are indeed low-cal, they are also empty of any real nutritional value. The contain no protein or fiber, which means that even if you eat several you are certain to be ravenous again in a very short while. Ultimately, these up your daily caloric intake while leaving you less than satisfied.

Veggie Burgers

You might think that a veggie burger is a far better option than a quarter-pound beef monster dripping with grease and fat. Some of these actually are, depending upon how they are served. Sadly, most restaurants top these patties with ample slices of avocado and cheese and serve them between two, extra-large white buns, dripping with mayo and ketchup. If you really have a hankering for a hamburger, it is probably best to indulge it by consuming a moderately sized beef or chicken burger and skipping the fries. The calories can be comparable and you will at least be able to save your craving. If a vegetarian sandwich is what you really want, try looking for a modest-serving that does not include an excessive amount of condiments and cheese.

Not all foods that seem healthy will actually be beneficial to your diet. In some instances, it is better to skip low-calorie options and go for the natural or traditional food. This is true for rice cakes, which lack any nutritional value at all, and with veggie burgers that are created to contain as much fat as a greasy concoction from a roadside stand. At the end of the day, although dieters will have to pay careful attention to food labels and ingredient lists, they will also have to use good visual judgment when selecting certain foods.

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