Why Channel Letters are Beneficial for Branding?

Have you seen those letters, outside of the big organizations? The sign that gives us the idea of the identity of the building? That’s Channel Letters.

What’s The Definition of Channel Letters?

To be specific, Channel Letters are the letters often being found at the exterior parts of commercial and organizational places. Plastic and metallic components are often being used to form these 3-dimensional illuminated letters.

As these letters are made from plastic and other water-resistive, rust resistive metals, Channel Letters can give a good performance for a long. The Illuminated fabrications allow these letters to shine at the night and be prominent during the day.

What are The Benefits of Using Channel Letters?

The top benefit among all is the capability to last long. Branding is the main motive of Channel Letters. So, can you imagine a single step to apply Channel Letters can save thousands of dollars for promotion purposes?

  1. Durable and Lasts Long

For a sec, let’s know the structure of the Channel Letters. There are three parts. Face, Return, and Trimcap. The face is the front part, return is the side part and Trimcap is the joining of the Face and Return.

Aluminum and translucent acrylic are used to form the front part ( face). It is placed at a certain angle according to the position of the building. Why? So that sunlight can be reflected properly by striking the back of letters.

As strong metallic components are being used, they can tolerate any weather. These aluminum bodies have resistance to fire too.

  1. Illumination

Illumination is the way through which the letters can be seen from far away. The sunlight won’t allow disclosing the name for a bit. And again illuminated sunlight won’t allow hiding the name at the night.

  1. Pocket Friendly

It’s very honest. It’s helping others to identify your building as well as it saves lots of money on Promotions ( if you are interested in marketing).

Because of these reasons, Channel Letters are being used all over the world.


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