A Heart Wrenching Story Of A Dog That Passed Away

In July of 2004, a man named James held his German Shorthaired Pointer, named Dutch, for the first time. He liked the puppy immediately, and they got along so well. However, on November 20, 2014 James held Dutch for the very last time. Fate had given them only 10 years, before hemangiosarcoma stole Dutch away.

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Only ten years. Some may think that 10 years are such a long time, while others conceive them as something so quick; as a blink of an eye. However, the cruel fact remains that Dutch had died. We may agree to disagree on everything in life, but in the end death is the only absolute truth that we all agree upon. James pain could never be described in words. It was pain beyond pain. It was agony so powerful and violent that tore him apart into a million pieces.

At this point people may either burst into tears or skeptically remark that children, men and women die every day from wars, famine, terrorism or natural disasters; and here’s a man falling apart over a dog?

So, to begin with, let’s agree that we’re all alone. Ultimately, completely and consistently alone. No matter how many parts of ourselves that we share, there’ll always be a part of you, so profound, that forever shall remain in your soul. We can never fully understand what another person goes through. No matter how much we try to reach out, we’ll always be stuck inside ourselves.

However, self-centered as we are, we suddenly find a companion with no self of his own. A companion who molds and shapes his self, to become a part of your own.

That’s what happened to James when he met Dutch. He followed James around wherever he went. Dutch never complained when James moved to Boston, or decided to pursue his own dreams when he moved again to Washington D.C. He never thought that New Jersey wasn’t his kind of place or that Chicago was too busy. Wherever James was, it was home for Dutch.

Dutch – and all dogs and pets – lead a selfless life. He was always there for James when he felt down. He was by his side for better and worse. He was never too busy or tired to cuddle on James’ lap. His entire world revolved around James. And now Dutch is gone. Forever. But our only condolence is that he’s in much better place than where we are now.

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