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Premade Covers – Are They Worth Your Content?

Premade covers are usually open for reuse, and you might see them being used for several different purposes with slight modification every time. This is why some people would say that you should go with an exclusive cover art if your content is unique and if it will be some professional piece of work such as a book.

And almost the majority of people would agree that you should use exclusive cover artworks for some book or music album that has viral potential. However, getting an exclusive cover designed for yourself could cost you a lot more than a premade cover. So, if you have the budget, then only you should go with that, or else use a premade cover that matches your theme and have some minor changes made into it.

What Should You Verify Before Hiring A Cover Designer?

Sometimes a cover art is required urgently, in which case you should either go for premade covers or hire someone who has modern tools and various templates available in his inventory to get the work done quickly. But if you have got some time, you should verify the experience level and see if they have produced some famous artworks before.

Book writers who generally like to write fantasy stories need a good artist for fantasy series premade covers for their multi-volume books. This is so because the visual representation of the main characters of a protagonist of a fantasy story is most important. And only an artist can make it attention-grabbing with his skills which can boost the book’s sales.

Highly Detailed Covers With The Least Compactly Packed Items

Remember that a good cover has the least condensed information and more clear detailing of the visual items. Avoid having a cover with so much textual information written on the cover itself, as it could have negative impacts.

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