Getting A Smart Tattoo Without A Needle – Know More About The Micro-Jet Technology

Crazy about football and Messi and scream every time you see his tattooed arms, then you are not alone. Every youngster on this planet is mad about Messi and his tattoos, along with his football. But when you want to imitate your favorite person, the needles and the pain hold you back. But what if there is a way that doesn’t put you under the needle? No, it’s not a joke, but scientists have found a way to replace the dreaded needles. Though there are numbing tattoo creams like Tktxeven then, you are a bit anxious when it comes to the pain. Let’s find out what tattoo without a needle is all about.

Smart tattoo without a needle

Now, who knew that you will not be afraid of getting a tattoo one day because there will be no needle injecting your body, and now it is possible? Scientists have developed a micro-jet injection technology that can get you away from the dreaded needles. So when everything is getting smarter, then why not tattoos?

The world has been changing drastically, but tattooing has gone a bit further from the traditional method to the present. No one has shown interest in developing this technology up until now. With the introduction of micro-jet injection technology, tattooing has become far easier and very less painful.

How is a smart tattoo different?

Scientists at the University of Twente have come up with the micro-jet technology that does not use any needles for creating tattoos on your skin. Instead, it uses an ultra-fast jet of liquid equal to the thickness of human hair into the skin without causing any pain. This method is being called the smart tattoo and is now being tested to get launched. These are a few benefits you cannot ignore:

  • It is not painful, feels like a mosquito bite
  • No contamination from one person to another
  • Ink is not wasted like in other methods
  • It can be faster
  • It is more eco-friendly

Technology has you covered

Tattoo numbing creams like Tktx can help you in eliminating pain while tattooing, a technology like smart tattoo can go far beyond that. It just changes the complete picture by giving you the perfect tattoo that can be enjoyed without you cringing with pain. So want to get a tattoo that has nothing to do with needles? Don’t worry. Technology has you covered in the best possible way.

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