How To Dominate League Of Legends

League of Legends is one of the few online pc games that have truly stood the test of time. ‘Do people still play league of legends?’ is an invalid question as we saw the success of the worldwide tournament. 

Sure other games have been released in this genre and have found their success. But League of legends remains on top for it was the first of its kind, and its players are still loyal to it. Each year, the number of competitors and spectators for the live arena clashes only keep growing, making league of Legends one of Riot’s most successful games. 

So, how does one dominate a popular game like League of Legends? We have got a few pro tips for you which might just do the trick. Keep reading to know what they are. 

Pro tips to play League of legends 

  • Do a warm up 

As with any other game, even league of legends needs a warm-up for you to make it to the top. You can shake off some pregame nerves by playing a few rounds of rhythm games that require accuracy and precision. Stretch out your fingers and arms so you will not get cramps halfway through. 

  • Keep a pocket pick 

While it may be tempting to keep using the same current OP champions, every pro player has their pocket pick. A pocket pick is essentially a character who you know in and out, strengths and weaknesses, and have experience playing with. What that does is give you a huge advantage over the other players. You can focus on the important core objectives of the game without worrying about your character. 

Pros are not made overnight, but they are tempered in fire and made strong. Look for ways to improve your gaming style and character choices, and you will soon find that you have made it to the top.  

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